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Nkoaranga Farm Nkoaranga Farm
↓Date Added:↓Nov 10, 2020
Farm Details:Get to learn the best local farming methods in USA River Arusha, common local crops like bananas, coffee, carrot, beans and irish potatoes..
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Ndumbaro Farm Ndumbaro Farm
↓Date Added:↓Nov 08, 2020
Farm Details:Ndumbaro Farm is based on organic farming techniques mainly with maize and other seasonal crops for domestic consumption
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Igamba Farm Igamba Farm
↓Date Added:↓Nov 08, 2020
Farm Details:Live local African lifestyle by participating in our farm project with crops like maize, beans, onions, tomatoes, sugarcane and many more..
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Fresh Fruits Fresh Fruits
↓Date Added:↓Apr 26, 2015
Farm Details:Fresh Fruits
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Kisimani Farm Kisimani Farm
↓Date Added:↓Nov 01, 2014
Farm Details:Permaculture Farm to be developed in a symbiotic relationship with our adjecent Eco-Lodge project
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Marangu Organic Farm Marangu Organic Farm
↓Date Added:↓Sep 23, 2014
Farm Details:My farm is located near Mt. Kilimanjaro gate with maize, beans, tomatoes, onions, cows, pigs and chickens. Its a family based farm.
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Kifumbe Mission Organic Farm Kifumbe Mission Organic Farm
↓Date Added:↓Sep 04, 2014
Farm Details:My farm is located on Southern Highlands in Njombe region (Kifumbe mission), i grow bananas, coffee and plant trees around the mission place
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